Grocery Delivery Service

Let us do the Shopping for You!

Custom Grocery Delivery Service is the best way to fully enjoy your vacation. Simply fill out your grocery list and have your groceries, beer and wine in your vacation home or condo by the time you walk into Beautiful Crested Butte! Don't waste your time with routine shopping ~ have your groceries delivered by Crested Butte Specialty Services.

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Premium Grocery Delivery Charge:

Base Rate -- $80
plus 20% of the Grocery Bill

  • Groceries come from City Market in Gunnison (30 miles away)
  • They have the best produce, meat, baked goods and organic selection
  • City Market Value Card is used on all orders for maximum savings
  • Prices are on average 10% less expensive than in Crested Butte
  • Any Liquor comes from Acme Liquors in Crested Butte
  • You will be charged a Delivery Charge plus the cost of groceries the day of delivery
Most Grocery Orders fall within this price range
Total Grocery Bill Base Rate 20% of Bill Total Delivery Charge
$150 $80 $30 $110
$200 $80 $40 $120
$250 $80 $50 $130
$300 $80 $60 $140
If you have a very small grocery list (20 items or less) you may elect Standard Grocery Delivery for a $55 delivery charge.

Want to see your list from last year? Email Us and ask for it.

Grocery Delivery FAQ

How it works?

  • Simply Fill out your grocery list on this website
  • Make sure to include your accommodations information
  • We get a key from your property management company
  • We put your groceries in your accommodations before you arrive
  • You will be charged the day of your arrival
  • You're happy to be in Crested Butte, free of worries!

How to specify Wine?

If you would like to add wine to your list, please do. Remember that in this resort community, we do not carry every bottle of wine, but we do have a vast selection. Here are some guidelines regarding wine and other fine bottles of liquor.
  • Add specific brands of wine to your grocery list - if it is not available, we will get a similar bottle in the same price range.
  • Open minded? Put down a type of wine and a price range. (i.e.  2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon $20-$25)
  • Want to know exactly what they have? Call Acme Liquors direct and find out. 970-349-5709.

When should I submit my list?

  • You may submit your list at any time up to 48 hours before you arrival.
  • If it is within 48 hours of your arrival, please call us. We'll squeeze it in.

Cancellation Policy

  • We enforce a 48-hour cancelation policy
  • We are not responsible for delays in your travel plans including weather or mechanical issues
  • If you need to cancel within 24 hours, there is a chance your groceries have already been purchased and you will have to pay the delivery charge plus the cost of groceries
Questions? Call  970-901-6400 or Click Here to send an email.
Want to see your Grocery List from last year? Email us and ask for it.

See you in Crested Butte!